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My name is Dawah Dawud Imaan. I was born Douglas Andre Chavers III. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York. I am the Chairman of Teens In Progress. My vision in life is to bring forth a Utopia!


Peace, love, unity, equal rights, and justice. We are all one. As soon as mankind realize this, we can proceed to the next level of understanding. Knowledge is power. Self education is key in gaining knowledge of self. You must be completely intact with your mind, body, and soul. I am a Muslim, reading The Holy Quran gives me a full understanding of life. I am on a mission, and that is to save the world! I am ready and willing to give my life for this cause. It is time for us to pick up the torch and make our imprint in history. The time is now. SEIZE THE TIME!!!  

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Hi, my name is Ja'Shayla Smith, I am a senior at Tapestry Charter High School and I am currently 17 years of age. I haven't done much but my list of accomplishments are always growing. As a junior I was rewarded MVP and Best Bumper for Tapestry's volleyball team. My average of aces for my senior year were 16 and average blocks were 5. As of now, I am First Captain of Tapestry's Drill team and for Drill-O-Rama 2013 we placed second as first timers. We plan to place first this year for the high school division.


Also as a junior, I received full course credit for a college class at Canisius College. This allowed me to automatically be considered for acception as a student in the fall of 2014. Speaking of college I recently finished up all of my college applications to seven different colleges/universities. A few are; New York University, both the New York and Shanghai campuses, Duke University, and Howard University. I applied to these three schools because they all have my major, biology and my minor fashion. For my short term goals I just want to graduate high school with my Advanced and Honors diplomas with a 3.65 or higher for my GPA. As for long term goals, I would like to graduate with my PhD in Biology and to become an Medical Examiner.


I plan on making a difference by helping teens understand and share their voice in everything that is going on in our community. To educate and strengthen my generation for the better in order to better ourselves.


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Jasmin Whoozer King, is a 21 year old  Entrepreneur. A "Born Native" of Buffalo, NY Her first 3 years of High School she attended Riverside Technology before transferring over to South Park for her senior year. Upon graduating she decided she would attend Alfred State for Business Management. During her time at Riverside, she accomplished being an active team member of the track team, captain of her cheer leading squad & the voice of the students for AM Black history announcements every February.



She began volunteering in 2007 for community service & in 2008 due to her dedication she was nominated & became president of her community service club. She's worked with many group's including: March Of Dimes, Gilda's Club, Top's, Riverside Clean Up, The Sleep Out, Corner Stone Manor, Breast Cancer Foundation & many more before she was invited to join Teens In Progress. 



Jasmin's involvement with Teens In Progress has open up many opportunities, from Radio/Tv interviews, Protest, Debates, Rally's, & much much more. When asked what motivates her to continue to be apart of Teens In Progress she responded  "Paulette & Corey (founders of Teens in Progress) motivate's me, it seems like the world has turned a blind eye to the youth, & they haven't." "A power couple that continue's to make a difference in their community is something that I inspire to be, I WILL be." "I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for TIP!"

Nigel McClinton attended McKinley High School where his interest in electrical engineering began. After high school he continued his education by earning the necessary certifications to become an electrical engineer. Currently, he is seeking professional positions and hopes to own his own business.


Since 2009 Mr. McClinton has been helping relieve his community of gang violence. As President of Teens in Progress he is able to advocate against gang violence while providing alternative activities for teens at risk. He is devoted to helping his community because he believes the next generation deserves better opportunities and it is in the hands of his generation to lead the way.


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

             -Malcolm X


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Marshay Miller 

Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta Student 



My name is Marshay Miller. I'm a 22 year old native of West Palm Beach FL but I grew up in Buffalo NY. My dream growing up was to be a chef so I worked as hard as I could to achieve that. My goals in life are to be the owner of a five star restaurant, own property and open a foundation for less fortunate kids. Some of my accomplishments are being on the basketball team in high school as well as being a runner up in the Young Miss Buffalo Pageant and doing community service.


My motivation in life is my mother because she raised me to be an independent young women and also Mrs. Paulette from Teens in Progress motivates me to strive for excellence also watching other young ladies strive for greatness motivates me because I know they look to me for a good example. I'm proud to be a member of Teen In Progress and to all the young boys and girls out there keep your eyes on the prize you can do whatever you put your mind to. I have provided a link for any one who would like to donate to my school fund or even if you wanna keep up with my progress in school and remember you all rock.


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